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Serving Our Community

At Glen Cary, we believe it is our calling to serve our neighbors.

Jesus summarized the teachings of Scripture in two commands: to love God, and to love your neighbor as yourself. This love manifests itself as passionate service in our community and world. 

This congregation has a long history of service. We work alongside Lutheran Social Services, North Anoka County Emergency (NACE) Food Shelf, Family Promise of Anoka County, Teen Pregnancy Program, local schools, and several other nonprofit organizations for the sake of our neighbors. Here are some highlights:

  • This past year, Glen Cary Quilters created a total of 122 quilts to donate to different people and organizations!

  • We provide weekly meals, activities, and other support to neighborhood families.

  • We provide food and housing supplies for families in the Family Promise program.

No matter your gifts, there are ways for you to serve. 

We all have different gifts, resources, and abilities. We all have different interests and passions; we are called to serve in many different ways in the world. Yet, we are all united in Jesus Christ. No matter your story, there is a way for you to share the love of God through service. 

What kind of opportunity are you searching for? Where might God be calling you to serve? 

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