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Children in Worship

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What is the Pray-Ground?
The Pray-Ground is a space within the sanctuary geared towards young children (ages 0-3) during worship. It consists of a large area rug (to provide some boundaries), a small table with child-sized chairs, soft toys, books, and craft supplies. For infants, there is a bouncy seat and a play gym. This allows the youngest among us to do what they do best—play—while also being a part of the worship service.

Why the Pray-Ground?
Churches across denominations and across the world have experienced success with the Pray-Ground model. It allows children to be with their families in the worship space and participate in worship according to their needs and gifts: they can hear the liturgy; sing and dance along with the music; become comfortable in

the worship space, and develop an identity as a child of God and valued member of the community.

Won’t the children be noisy and distracting?
Children are more vocal and physical than adults, and when we welcome children in worship, we welcome the sounds and activity they bring. However, churches that have engaged children in Pray-Ground spaces have reported that the noise level has actually decreased! Soft toys are used to encourage quiet play, and children learn over time (with the support and example of the community!) the patterns of the service. Pastors and worship leaders use microphones, and can handle the sound of a crying baby or frustrated toddler.

How much did the Pray-Ground cost?
Many of the Pray-Ground items, including the rug, table and chairs, and art supplies, were repurposed from elsewhere in the church. New books, toys, and decorations were either donated, or purchased with a $300 grant from the Adolfson committee, who voted to fund this project.

Why on earth is it in the front of the sanctuary?
​Kids pay more attention when they can see what’s going on, and they’re too short to see from the back! Kids learn from and absorb what they observe—some parents at other locations have reported their children “playing” communion, singing bits of the liturgy, or pretending to direct the choir from home. Also, children tend to behave better when they are surrounded by people watching them, which helps to keep the noise down.

The Nursery

A children's chapel experience outside of the sanctuary is available on Sundays during worship.

Although we encourage families to worship together, we also understand that children and parents have life circumstances that limit them from attending worship as a family. 

​If you or your little one could use a break, the nursery is available for your use. Enjoy toys, books, crafts, and rocking chairs. The service is streamed via speaker so you can follow along. 


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