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Youth Faith Formation: Ages 3 - 8th Grade

Glen Cary Lutheran Church Sunday School: 
Children's Sunday School - September 10 through May 19
We are offering  a 3 year-old through 5th grade Sunday School starting September 10, 2024. This year will also include mission and outreach opportunities and intergenerational events. We will be meeting each week, with a few exceptions (to be determined).

Sunday School involves a 30 minute experience where children will:

  • Interact with God's Word and each other

  • Connect  learning to young lives and family

  • Experience craft, music, and stories

  • Learn and practice worship language, prayer, and confession. 

Confirmation: A Family Faith Journey:

​6th, 7th and 8th Grade Confirmation

Large group learning, small group conversation and intentional community building with service/learning.

Confirmation is learning milestone for youth in their Journey of Faith. This is a chance for the congregation to support parents in the promises they made at baptism. 
At Glen Cary Lutheran confirmation is designed to be a meaningful and experiential learning experience. The goal of the program is to provide a safe place for youth to learn about the scriptures and Jesus and to explore their own faith journey in a setting that will not only challenge their minds and hearts, but also surround them with adult role-models, leaders, and fellow students who can help them on this journey. 

The decision to participate affects not only the student involved, but the entire family as well. 
Please carefully, and prayerfully, examine the expectations. We are asking all parents to find time to be involved in confirmation at Glen Cary. Prayerfully think about the ways you can contribute the life of Glen Cary. 

Confirmation is a voluntary program. 
It is not a sacrament in the Lutheran community and is simply available for those who wish to learn more about their faith and their church. What is essential is that students get involved! We encourage our students to participate in discussions, think, ask questions, share ideas, pray, and play. It is also essential that parents are involved in their child's confirmation experience. 

Confirmation Program Components:

  • Sunday Evenings 

    • We will meet from 6:30 p.m. to 7:15 p.m.

    • The youth will meet in small groups with their guides.

  • Faith Questions 

    • Parents are the primary influence in the faith growth of their child. Each month we request that parents participate in the classes. 

  • Servant and Fellowship Events 

    • There will be game nights and other community events during the year. The goal of these events is to build trust, friendship, unity, and healthy relationships through time spent together in fun, fellowship, and Christian service. 

  • Church Service Events 

    • Students are asked to serve their church through serving at the Harvest Festival, Pancake Breakfasts and/or the Easter Breakfast. This experience is a time to serve the church as a member of the church. Living in community and working together are key element of our life as a Christian.

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